I think everyone should have professional portraits taken of themselves. And not just once; but once a YEAR. Yes, I'm serious. Do it every year. And please don't wait.


Because you'll never be this age again. You'll never be at this exact place in your life again.

Because we see hundreds of airbrushed images of other people every day. And we forget how amazing WE are.

Because too often we tell ourselves "once I lose those few pounds," or "once I make it far enough in my career," or "once I tone my arms." If we always wait for some future ideal, we'll never have our photos taken.

Because an annual portrait session takes the pressure off of this shoot to be "perfect." And celebrating every imperfect year of your life is part of living a full one.

Because when we're gone, these photographs are a sacred gift to those who knew and loved us. And we don't know how long we'll be here.

Now is the time to document this unique moment. You don't need a reason. YOU are the reason.

So don't wait. Do it now. And do it every year. <3